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4WD Backhoe
There's nothing light-duty about the 310G. From its high-torque wet-sleeve POWERTECH™diesel to its inboard wet-disc brakes, this backhoe comes equipped, not stripped. With many of the same features fo ...
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Bobcat Loader Skid-Steer
Overall Height- 6'7" Overall Width - 5'6" Overall Length- 10'10" Loader Bucket is 73" Wide and holds slightly less than 1 cubic yard when completely full. Maximum load capacity with bucket to fu ...
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Kubota Tractor
Overall Height: 111" Overall Width : 55.5" Overall Height: 84.3" Power : 30.4 HP
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Terramite Backhoe
Terramite Backhoe/Loader Overall Height- 6'8" Overall Width - 4'1" Loader bucket is 4 ft wide with a 1/2 cu yard capacity when full. Loader bucket maximum lift capacity to full height is 1500 ...
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Trackhoe, Mini-Excavator
Trackhoe Overall Height- 7'10" Overall Width - 4'8" Overall Length- 13'8" Max. Digging Depth- 8'1" Max. Digging Reach- 14'3" Digging reach decreases approximately 1 ft. for every 2 ft of dig ...
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